Drifting with Front-Wheel-Drive car is now possible! EASY DRIFT!


The Easy Drift Training System was invented by a former racing driver and is used mostly for police training. While drifting, the driver intentionally over-steers and that causes loss of traction in the rear wheel. This patented technology allows creating a loss of power on the rear wheels only by installing specially designed plastic rings on the rear tires. Thus, drifting with a front-wheel-drive car is now possible. This system also gives trainers the ability to teach advanced driving stunts at speed as low as 10mph. The cars in the video below were using the Easy Drift system for the race. The system allowed them to perform driving stunts that had only been accomplished with rear wheel drive cars.

Drifting includes burning tires and decreasing the traction, but Easy Drift changes that. Check out the video below,to see how a drifting action with the ETS looks like.

How to install EASY DRIFT