Drones racing at high speed! It’s paaarty tiiimee!!!

Drones racingDrones racing

Drones racing at high speed!! I bet you all like racing, but this new-generation sport, drone racing is so exciting and surreal! It is fun and adventurous! It doesn’t matter whether the race is indoors as in the Melbourne’s abandoned warehouse or outdoors in a forest because the excitement is the same. Drone racers disconnect from the real world and plug into a live video scene and the fun begins.

Drones racing at high speed! It’s paaarty tiiimee!!!

This is safe sport because the worst case scenario for a drone racer would be to break the frame, but they can build a new one, and wouldn’t be a problem anymore. This sport might look expensive, but it is not, the full equipment costs around 300 dollars and the spectators can enjoy along with the drone racing crew. This is cool stuff and it will be happening more and more in the future!

Underground drone racing video: