Unique Ducati Elenore V8 Engine – Needs Only One Crank Throw and Two Rods!

Ducati Elenore V8Ducati Elenore V8

Is the idea of four pistons on a single connecting rod crazy? I’don’t think so. The mastermind behind this crazy invention is Dieter Hartmann-Wirthwein, a German engineer who loves creating and innovating unusual engines designs.

Unique Ducati Elenore V8 Engine- Needs Only One Crank Throw and Two Rods!

Dieter says the engine isn’t running yet, he still has quite a few pieces to complete. The idea was first put to the test in a 125cc 4-cylinder Honda-based configuration that Hartmann-Wirthwein installed in a Monkey Bike. Then adapted the principle to what originally was a 2-cylinder Ducati crankcase, which was then morphed into an 868cc V8 engine.

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