Ehang 184 One-Seater Drone – Special Kind Of Crazy!!

Ehang 184Ehang 184

The Chinese dronemaker Ehang, looking to distinguish itself from it’s rivals, developed a new product that brings autonomous driving tech and drones together. It is a single seat, self-driving quadcopter called the Ehang-184. The name 184 defines the vehicle’s basic attributes: 1 passenger, 8 propellers and 4 arms.

Ehang 184 One-Seater Drone – Special Kind Of Crazy!!

The autonomous aerial vehicle has four arms that hold two propellers each, powered by eight motors putting out 142 hp/106 kW. The whole thing weighs 440 lb (200 kg), can carry up to 264 lb (120 kg), has a maximum speed of 62 mph (100 km/h) and can reach a maximum altitude of 11,480 ft (3,499 m).

The principle behind this autonomous flying vehicle is that the occupant gets in, powers up the drone, selects a destination on a touchscreen display and then presses ‘take-off’. The drone then automatically traces the fastest and safest path to the required destination and handles all tasks such as communicating with air traffic control and avoiding obstacles that may lie in its path

No pilot license is required for flying this aircraft, it’s 100% electric, and the aircraft uses a fail safe system so that if any components malfunction, the aircraft will immediately land in the nearest possible area to ensure the safety of the passenger.

Inside the cockpit, a tablet lets the passenger control the ride. Other perks include AC and 4G Wi-Fi Internet.

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Ehang 184