Golf cart based electric dragster flips backwards!

electric dragsterGolf cart based electric dragster does a backflip! Terry Hatfield was testing a new battery combo in his “Shock Therapy Racing” Golf Cart based Electric Dragster. He went for a ride he will never forget at Ozark Raceway Park! Terry is planning on adding a new set of wheelie bars before the next trip to the race track.

Golf cart based electric dragster!

Terry¬†bought the rolling chassis in 2012 from Dirty South Racing. DSR was at one time building these chassis specifically for golf cart drag racing but they no longer build them. The chassis is all 4130 chromoly and has a 90″ wheelbase. The frame rails are spaced at 24″. The dragster has golf cart bodywork front and rear with custom made side panels. He says that it’s exactly the chassis that protected him from injury and even worse!

The team is currently seeking sponsors and marketing partners as they continue their quest to reset their world record. Now the golf cart based electric dragster has a LiPo pack from Lonestar EV which is 3P60S, 222v nominal. The LiPo changeover has made a phenomenal difference. They have removed 325lbs of batteries and cables that produced 120hp and replaced it with a 11″x13″x8″ pack that weighs 70lbs and produces 268 hp. Check it out!