Electric Go Kart with 54 lb-ft is an uncontrollable beast!

Electric Go KartElectric Go Kart that simply has too much torque!

Anyone who has own a go-kart as a kid and or maybe even now, know that these little things are completely awesome. However, as time passes by you just want to cram more power into that spindly frame. It’s not impossible to do so and we’ve seen people do it. However, that would involve finding a heavier and bigger engine from a different application. Needless to say, it doesn’t always work and it’s pretty difficult to get the hang of it.

Clearly, the future isn’t all black and white. Who needs a combustion engine when you can haven an electric go kart? That’s right, this electric go kart in the video below has just the right power provided by the electric torque to rocket things off the line.

The combo is pretty much unique. Almost everyone can afford and be able to ride a go kart and you get an amazing speed with it. The electric motor provides some benefits that you simply can’t see coming out of combustion application.

Electric Go Kart with 54 lb-ft is an uncontrollable beast!

Electric Go KartNevertheless, this electric go kart has a 15 horsepower output that doesn’t seem really much until you hear about the torque. Those horses bringĀ 54 lb-ft of torque with them wherever they go. Now, that’s a lot.

The person responsible for us seeing this electric go kart is the full-time YouTuber The Hacksmith. Namely, he is a former engineer who quit his job so he can build homebrew machines. In addition, he demonstrates unusual “hacks” to the social media world.

The electric go kart is a bit of a different project from him and he got the idea from his neighbor who works in a company where they build electronic speed controllers. OF course, once in a while, they have to test them. As you’re already guessing they connected it with a go kart.

The final result is a monstrous electric go kart that’s a totally overpowered freak machine. The project is truly wild and it overwhelms theĀ big-box-store go-kart. Another good thing about it is that you can take it anywhere. On a paved road it’s a wicked go-kart and on loose dirt, it’s a donut machine. Check it out!