Electric turbocharger or electric superchargers are coming soon!

electric turbochargerElectric turbocharger or electric superchargers are coming soon! It’s becoming a trend lately, Volkswagen and its associates are investing in this technology, Audi already has implemented the electric turbocharger in one of their concept cars, and Ferrari is also working on an electric turbo technology! Brian Cooley tells us more about the new electric turbochargers. He says that traditional turbo is run by exhaust thus there is a whole lot of lag when you accelerate before you get the full effect of it. Additionally, he adds that this thing is fairly big and that is why it can’t be put somewhere else.

electric turbochargerElectric turbocharger!

New electric assisted turbochargers or electric superchargers are coming soon!

The principle of work of the electric turbocharger is employing a coaxial electric motor to overcome the time lag of the exhaust gas driven turbine. The electric motor supports the exhaust gas driven turbine at low-end revolutions to compress enough air into engine’s intake, while it can be configured as an alternator to extract energy from the exhaust gas driven turbine at high-end revs, which would otherwise need be bypassed via wastegate and eventually replacing the current mechanically driven alternator. Valeo is a manufacturer of an electric turbocharger that is powered by 48 volts DC. The best thing for the electric turbocharger is that it can be used to pre-boost a traditional turbo.

Check out the video below and hear interesting things about these new electric superchargers!

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