Electrical Arc Furnace and how to build one on a budget!

Electrical Arc FurnaceElectrical Arc Furnace is the perfect project if you want to build something that will melt almost any metal one can think of. Fortunately, building a homemade electrical arc furnace is easy and cheap.

And when it comes to homemade metal melting, Grant Thompson is your guy. He makes some pretty awesome builds and this time, he shows us how to build a powerful electrical arc furnace by ourselves.

“The King of Random” uses crucible for molten metal and a refractory brick as a furnace. As you can also see, he is using a respiratory mask and eye protection while cutting the brick. Make sure that you remember this – it’s really not a good idea to inhale any of that dust. Anyway, he makes the electrode grips with things that you can easily find in a hardware store. There are 2 pairs of vice-grip style pliers, coupling and copper wire. He strips and then attaches the copper wire to the metal handle of the pliers with the help of hose clamps. In this way, he makes them functional electrode grips.

Electrical Arc Furnace and how to build one on a budget!

Electrical Arc FurnaceFurthermore, he harvests the carbon rods from the cells of the batteries (6V lantern batteries). Of course, dead batteries will do fine too. Keep in mind that it’s a better idea to take this project of yours outside. The decent ventilation is an advantage and you should stay away from anything that is flammable.

Surely, there are many more details to this know about when building a homemade electrical arc furnace. However, I’ll leave Grant to take care of the rest. In the video below, he also shows a variety of metals who are obviously no match for the electrical arc furnace. Check out the video below!