Engine Building Speed Competition! The record is 16 minutes!

Engine Building Competition Ended in 17 min and 10 sec!!

Check out this Engine Building Speed Competition between Southeast Community College in Nebraska and Mopar College Automotive Program students. What if someone told you that you can drop your car with a broken engine by the shop, come back in 20 minutes and you are good to go?! Well, if these guys were your mechanics you could come back in 17 minutes.

Two teams of two students each construct two small block Chevy 350s in neck-and-neck competition. The record is about 16 min. I know what you’re thinking: “If they can build an engine within 20 min, how come it takes an hour for the mechanics to change oil?!” Well, all internal parts are prelubed before assembly. And you can see that they’re in a rush, therefore they don’t pay much attention to the torque sequence and the details. So, I’m not sure about the quality of these engines, but it sure is amusing to watch this. After all, isn’t the point demonstration of speed?