Epic Drift Battle! [ Hoonigan ] Mk2 Escort VS the Hoonicorn!


The Mk2 Hoonigan Ford Escort and the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn were both designed for the legendary driver, Ken Block, and his tire-shredding adventures. Both cars are special in their own way and while the crowd here watching and maybe even you can pick a favorite, we, to be honest, have a hard time picking just one.

Here we see the Escort and the Hoonicorn together in action, competing with each other in a mini Gymkhana-style course with obstacles. The cars start as aggressive as it gets, and start carving up those turns like hot knife through butter. Their notorious sideways are just too good to be true. The best part is the end of the race where a killer photo finish appears in the final stretch. However, only one of these beasts turned out victorious. Check it out!