Epic drifting – leaving a parking lot like a boss!!!

epic driftingEpic drifting – this guy sure knows hot to leave a parking lot with style

What does one do when a parking lot is too silent and a bit ‘dark’? Well, you get yourself behind the wheel of your car and do something to change it. You can play music on the radio and turn the volume up but, why do something like that when you can make those tires work harder?

Epic drifting – leaving a parking lot like a boss

This guy in the video below does exactly that. He gets in his car, starts the engine, drives a bit around the indoor parking lot and then, makes his ride go crazy. The tires are screeching, the engine is loud and that parking lot is not the same when there is a guy drifting his car in it. The action may not change the place forever but, it does bring some excitement to the table for a minute. Check the epic drifting video below!