How to escape a sinking car! These are the crucial steps!

How to escape a sinking carHow to escape a sinking car! These are the crucial steps! Sinking cars are more common than you might imagine. It’s reasonable to assume that the thought of being inside a car when it sinks must be one of the most frightening experiences imaginable for most people. It’s a sad fact that around 350 people die every year in sinking vehicles.

How to escape a sinking car!

Some people suggest that you should shut the windows to slow down the rate at which the car fills with water. The theory is that the pressure inside and outside needs to equalize, and then you’ll be able to open a door. However, testing this method (as shown on Mythbusters) has shown that it can take too long for the equalization process. By the time you’d be able to open the door, you’ll be out of air. So, here’s how to escape a sinking car:

  • Release your seat belts and open the windows. This is the most important thing to do, assuming you realize that the car is going to sink, and it’s not yet sunk. If your windows jam, try to break them. An emergency hammer is ideal; a steering wheel security lock will do; or kick hard.
  • If your head restraints are removable, pull them out when you release your seat belt to enable easy passage for rear passengers – you can also use the head restraints to smash the side windows if necessary.
  • The car won’t sink immediately, even with the windows open, however you must use every moment to free yourself and passengers and get out. Push children out first!
  • It may seem obvious – but don’t try to save anything except lives. Computers, phones, purses, jewellery, etc. can be replaced – you can’t!
  • The equalization option should be only used as a last resort. When the car is nearly full of water, take a deep breath and push a door open, you may need to do this with your feet.

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