Evil Empire drifts the streets of St.Petersburg with a mean Supra

Evil EmpireEvil Empire knows how to strike again.

If you have a name like ‘Evil Empire”, then you probably have a great sense of humor too. But, the Russian professional drifter, not only has a good sense of humor but, he also has one monstrous Toyota Supra that cannot be compared to any other Supra out there. It may not be the prettiest Toyota Supra you’ve seen; nevertheless, under its layer lies a 3.4-liter 2JZ that gives out 806 HP and 663 lb-ft of torque- and that is beautiful.

Evil Empire attack the streets of St. Peterburg

However, there is something else that’s stunning in the video – St. Petersburg. Combine a mean Supra, a skilled drifter and a beautiful city and you won’t be disappointed of the results. Only few things in this world can be better than that epic combo. Enjoy the streets of St. Petersburg and Evil Empire’s talent to burn rubber like to other!