Excavator fight to death – The combat of the century!!!

Excavator fightExcavator fight – we haven’t seen such a battle in a while.

Cars, motorcycles, vans and all sorts of  means of transportation can be seen battling it out on the road, or even off-road, every day. Whether the sole purpose of the battle is pure fun or determining who’s better at the wheel or maybe even whose vehicle is faster or stronger- we all enjoy watching the action. Now, when it comes to heavy machinery that kind of battle might not be as much interesting as the previously mention one due to the fact that ( the terms is pretty much self-explanatory Excavator fight) they are heavy and the speed that they reach isn’t quite impressive.

Excavator fight to death – The combat of the century

However, it turns out that they can do something different to make it all interesting, at least for the spectators, in a different way. These two excavators, for no obvious reasons, get into a notorious fight- a fight that doesn’t end until one of them actually hits the ground. It’s dangerous, risky and extremely fun to watch much because it’s pretty extreme and extraordinary. Check the Excavator fight video out! Enjoy

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