Exhaust brakes : What benefits do they bring and how do they work?!?

exhaust brakesExhaust brakes are just one way of stopping a vehicle. Normally, there are other ways of doing so, like using normal brakes, or the engine brakes but, when it comes to the diesel-powered vehicles drivers have the option of using exhaust brakes. These brakes can be quite efficient in the long run despite the vehicle’s size or weight. So how do exhaust brakes work and what kind of advantages do they bring?

This breaking system doesn’t let the gases to be eliminated on the exhaust pipe by closing down the exhaust path. In this way, the back-pressure builds itself in the cylinders and in the manifold, slowing down the vehicle by making the engine work backwards.

Exhaust brakes : What benefits do they bring and how do they work?

exhaust brakesFortunately, drivers can rely on exhaust brakes only when it comes to stopping their cars. If the vehicle reaches a very high speed, the driver can use only the exhaust brake to slow down or stop the vehicle. Thus, he will reduce the tear on the regular brakes.

Maybe one of the biggest advantages of the exhaust brakes is that they can prevent normal brakes from overheating. They are capable of taking some stress off the regular brakes; especially when going downhill. In this way, they prolong the lifespan of normal brakes. Needless to say, this is a great way to keep your car in an excellent condition and save some money on the way.

Another advantage of the exhaust brake is that it is pretty silent, unlike the engine brake. This makes them perfect for using on regular basis.

Most importantly, you don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to picking out an exhaust brake. They come with different advantages and properties. If you want to get one but aren’t really sure which one is the best for your vehicle be sure to advise a professional. This is how an exhaust brake works!