Extreme aircraft – A glimpse into the future of aviation!

Extreme aircraftExtreme aircraft leading the world into the future!

Flying higher, faster and, further into the sky is what we strive for as a race. The world is constantly trying to make something better and more advanced that the already exciting one as soon as it comes out from the dark. That is how today’s science fiction becomes tomorrow’s reality. In addition, that’s why today, we are checking out the aircraft of the future.

Extreme aircraft – A glimpse into the future of aviation!

Extreme aircraftWe’ve been to the moon, we’ve found out many things about out planet, our solar system, the stars, galaxies etc. However, one of the most interesting things about people is that they are curious. That’s what makes us different from the other species we’ve come across so far. And as we don’t have the ability to fly as humans, it is only natural that we develop a great interest in aircraft. Thus, we never stop to go forward.

Racing isn’t a thing for cars only. We’ve seen trucks, buses and pretty much all transportation means head to head at some point. Well, the same thing goes for planes. But, what makes aircraft different from the other means of transportation? Aircraft are complicated in terms of their construction and pretty much everything else you can think of.

To talk about extreme aircraft, we can’t just talk about the inventions that we are to see in the future. First, we need to look at the first extreme aircraft, what engineers used to do and how the world has advanced since. What is obsolete and what is the thing that we can’t do without? Check out the video below!