Extreme Machine – The Green “ROCK DAWG” Will Blow Your Mind!

Extreme MachineExtreme Machine

Alec Yeager, the custom builder of this amazing buggy, wanted to build something crazy, something different so he could raise the bar a little bit. After seeing this vehicle in action, i think we can all agree that he did raise the bar.

This engineering masterpiece is called The Green Rock Dawg, and offers you more than what you expect from a heavy equipment.

Extreme Machine – The Green “ROCK DAWG” Will Blow Your Mind!

Alec Yeager, made the Green Rock Dawg extremely flexible when compared with the other buggies out there. It powered by a 1.9L Volkswagen Turbodiesel engine, it has an adjustable wheelbase, hydraulic rams for forced articulation, Outlaw LED lights and a full hydraulic steering with double-ended ram.

This crawler/buggy has hydraulically actuated legs and electric motors driving each wheel. The hydraulics can be run electrically or with a small gas engine.

Check it out!