F1 VS Bath Rugby team – Head on!

F1 VS Bath Rugby!F1 VS Bath Rugby. However, eight Bath rugby players were brave and strong enough to take Daniel Riccaiardo on.

It’s about the exact question that has been there for a long time: how many powerfully-built, fully-frown people can tacke a V8-powered Formula One head on? Well, now, we can finally get our answer to that one. Daniel Ricciardo, one of Red Bull Racing’s drivers, was dispatched over to Farleigh House, the location of Bath Rugby’s training ground.

F1 VS Bath Rugby team – and the winner is…

Ricciardo was clueless about what they really wanted to do at first. The players also had no idea about their opponent. Nevertheless, the whole “game” sounds quite nice, and the car- quite loud! It human vs. horsepower!