Farm truck Street Outlaws racing a Lamborghini on the drag strip!

Farm truck Street OutlawsFarm truck Street Outlaws goes against a Lambo Huracan on the drag strip. And the winner is…

Lamborghinis are pretty much a common sight on the drag strips. People can easily customize them thanks to the large engines they feature. In addition, most of them are four-wheel drive, so it’s a win-win situation. Right from the start, the stock 600 HP tells a story of going off the line like a mad gorilla.

While the widely known Lamborghini can always be seen racing here and there, its fellow racer on this particular track has a more rare appearance. Seeing it in a barn while removing few haystacks won’t be much of a surprise but not a place like this.

Farm truck Street Outlaws racing a Lamborghini on the drag strip

Obviously, these two vehicles Farm truck Street Outlaws and Lambo come from two quite different worlds. The first is an exotic Italian supercar and the other one is an American pickup truck. It’s a Farm truck Street Outlaws that doesn’t look very confident standing there on the drag strip. So far, the odds seem to be in favor of the Lambo. Even the announcer doesn’t go easy on the truck.

However, as in every video like this, you know that something “unexpected” is going to happen. Nobody just lines a beat-up truck next to a Lamborghini and expect the same predictable outcome. And while the Lambo may have made it easy for the Farm truck Street Outlaws, we doubt it needed any help.

The old pickup truck – Farm truck Street Outlaws darts off the starting line, taking everyone there, including the cameraman, by surprise. The Lambo missed the start and automatically loses the race. Some people are truck guys and some are supercar guys and today, the former took the cake in that battle. Lambo vs Farm truck Street Outlaws video below! Enjoy