Fastest drift – Nissan GTR set a Guinness world record!!!

Fastest driftFastest drift re-established again!

The Guiness World Record was recently set by a presumably very brave man that could just end all Guinness World Record at once. At least that’s the way we see it and you can’t really blame us. This is a drifting record that we’re talking about and we are pretty excited about it and that’s all thanks to Masato Kawabata.

Guinness fastest drift : Nissan GTR just set a drifting record!

Surely, there is no need whatsoever to introduce this guy to you and for all we know, he along with a specially modified RWD Nissan GTR Nismo set the record for the fastest drift with 190 mph and a 30 degree slide at  Fujairah International Airport. Namely, Kawabata had only 3 attempts to set the record that was formerly held by Jakub Przygoński and he finally did it! Check out the Masato Kawabata and his Nissan GT-R MY16 specially tuned video below!