Fastest electric bike – The Stealth electric bike can tackle any terrain!

Fastest electric bikeFastest electric bike in the world is, as you already know, the Stealth bike. The fastest electric bike is a lightweight off-road or on-road motorcycle that doesn’t fear any terrain whatsoever. Most of these bikes have a bicycle drivetrain so you can pedal a bit if you feel like it. But why pedalling when you can do so amazing things with it?

So, what else is really characteristic about the fastest electric bike in the world? Well, let’s say that they are known for having lots of power ((4,500 watts), big range (50miles) and big batteries (1,500 watt hours). Additionally, the fastest electric bike has a big rear and from suspension and aggressive off-road tires. It may not seem like it but, this thing is really powerful. If you’re not used to such power you may need to hold on when hitting the throttle.

Fastest electric bike – The Stealth electric bike can tackle any terrain!

Fastest electric bikeTaking all those specs into consideration and it’s no wonder why Ronnie Renner owns one. This is a guy that knows hot to handle a lot of power on a bike. He is not a world record setting freestyle motocross rider for nothing!

Particularly, his Stealth bike combines the mechanical input and the 4.5 kW of electric output. It displays amazing acceleration and hill climbing ability. As I already mentioned, the terrain doesn’t matter – you can go anywhere with the Stealth. A unique 9-speed sequential gearbox transmits pedal power. 6 or 8 pot hydraulic disc brakes take care of the stopping. Also, there is a heavy duty travel suspension that allows Ronnie to maintain high-speed. The Stealth bike is in a class of its own.

Ronnie Renner enjoys in riding the fastest bike in the world as much as he can. It’s an amazing invention – check out the video below!