Fastest General Lee in the history with stunning 6.27 @ 237 mph!!!

Fastest General LeeFastest General Lee on a mission to be the best on track. When the topic of recognizable movie cars in America pops out, there is no way that the well-known General Lee will be left out in the conversation. It’s a car that won over many hearts and today we’re about to see a rendition of that ride that’s probably going to leave you with your mouth open. This funny car brings the General Lee to life but, with something that’s not quite a feature of the original one. To be more precise, this thing rockets down the track and “ends up” with 6.2 seconds in the quarter mile going as far as 237 mph. Fastest General Lee in the history!

Fastest General Lee that the world has seen

The extremely fast ‘General Lee‘ here is caught on tape being part of the event at Syndey Dragway, Australia doing what it usually does- impresses the crowd! The proud driver is Daniel Schultz – talk about a perfect combination, right? See it for yourselves! Fastest General Lee video below!