Fastest GT86 in the world does 250mph – EKanoo Racing!

Fastest GT86Fastest GT86  – here is a 4-wheeled rocket that tries to punch a hole in the atmosphere.

When the engineers at Toyota sat down to make the GT86, the first thing they have done is outlined 3 key element: no 4WD, narrow tires, and no turbo. However, the car is fun to go sideways with, it’s a rear-drive and front-engined.

Fastest GT86 – watch it go!

Unfortunately, the folks at EKanoo Racing were the ones that didn’t get the memo. This drag team took the whole thing on the other end of the spectrum; they ripped out the engine and put in a turbocharged inline-six 2JZ that has many, many ponies. So, to be more precise, the sole purpose in its life is to be ridiculously fast.