The quickest and fastest pass in Drag Week history!

fastest passLet’s all take a moment to reminisce about Jeff Lutz and the fastest pass in Drag Week history! Last year in September, Jeff Lutz ran the official quickest and fastest pass in HOT ROD Drag Week history with a 6.051-second at 251.95 mph at the quarter-mile!! That speed topped his record set during the HOT ROD Drag Week 2015 Test and Tune on September 13, 2015, for the Fastest Street-Licensed car by two miles per hour and put him just 0.11 second away from being the world’s quickest street legal car. It also put him well into the lead in the Unlimited class.

The fastest pass in Drag Week history – 6.05 second @ 251 mph!

Lutz unloaded one pass during Sunday’s Test & Tune session with a 6.05 at 249 miles per hour that sent shock waves through the internet with its ‘soft’ launch and smooth power application from the Pro Modified and Drag Week wizard. But only three days later, at the release of the transbrake, Lutz’s Camaro rolled down the quarter-mile tarmac, straight as a string with minimal movement. And when he crossed the finish line, a 6.05 at 251 miles per hour blasted across the digital scoreboards atop the right hand lane at Gateway Motorsports Park.

Jeff and team were very pleased with the pass, which now stands as the official quickest and fastest run in Hot Rod Drag Week competition. Well, Tom Bailey, your Camaro is no longer the fastest Camaro in the world!