Female “NERD” professional driver tricks new instructors into thinking that she’s a newbie!


Well, this is just a totally insane prank. A driving school got new instructors and folks there thought that it would be a good idea to prank them, so they decided to contact MaxMan.TV. They agreed and along with Leona Chin they prepared a “special” surprise for all of them. For those of you who don’t know Chin, she is a Malaysian professional motorsports driver who has been in motorsports for quite some time.

Anyway, to make the prank even more awesome they dressed her up as an Asian nerd. This nerd that she is pretending to be doesn’t know a single thing about driving. That’s where we can see the reaction of a few instructors, while they’re trying to be patient and not too strict. But, they go from bored to scared to death throughout the video. The faces of the instructors cannot be described, as they are screaming loudly, begging her to stop driving but, still can’t see that she is doing some amazing drifts.