Ferrari Manifesto 2040 – The design of the future!

Ferrari Manifesto 2040Ferrari Manifesto 2040 – what does the future hold?

6 students from ISD-Rubika, Valenciennes, France were tasked to design a Ferrari for 2040. Of course, the overall prize in Ferrari’s third Top Design School Challenge was taken by them, for they did an amazing job. We’re talking about the the Manifesto concept created by Jean Baptiste Epina,cMichael Barthly,Stanislas Oleksiak, Grimaud Gervex and t and Belgians Michael Kalyvianakis,  and William Stock.

Ferrari Manifesto 2040 is an idea that is coming true

The Ferrari Manifesto 2040 was commended for the “coherent overall vision” and the “completeness” of its design. The model is suitably futuristic and fanciful with its deep V-shaped delta wing-style. Most importantly, you can still figure out that it’s nothing else by a Ferrari. As supposed, the Manifesto is a follow-on from the current models. Sorry for the spoiler.

The FL proposes a new way of interacting with the driver: steering an controls are concentrated in the wheel, adjustable foot-rests, a screen folding out for the front passenger and headrests that wrap around the occupants’ heads. Good news for those who enjoy the sideways action. Check out the Ferrari Manifesto 2040 video below!