Ferrari prank – So many gold diggers, so little time!

Ferrari prankFerrari prank – Is picking up girls with a fancy car as easy as we thought?

Well, these guys proved that picking up chicks with a Ferrari is easy breezy! They went around the city in a Ferrari Italia 458 and did this cool social experiment trying to pick up chicks. You wouldn’t believe how many of them got into the car, and some would even leave their boyfriends!!! Now, that’s a bit extreme, don’t you think?

Ferrari prank – So many gold diggers, so little time!

Either way, this Ferrari prank will make you wish the world isn’t this kind of place. Though, the truth is brutal. It seems that most of the girls really just want what money can actually buy. Nevertheless, we refuse to believe that all girls are like that.

Well the social experiment was successful, and they proved that there are a lot of gold diggers out there, so if you are looking for the right girl don’t go out in your Ferrari, try pick her up in a $5.000 car 😀 Then you will know if she is the one or at least, that she want you, not your car.

Check out the Ferrari prank and see how it all goes!