Filming Redline before it was Fast and Furious – Rare footage!

Filming RedlineFilming Redline doesn’t seem like very interesting until you heard that it’s actually the original Fast and Furious. It looks like Fast and Furious 1  ‘s name wasn’t very fast or furious. But, how many of the car community that claim to be fans of Fast and Furious 1 actually know that?

No big deal though, we had no idea too until we decided to dig around the web and see what it has on the movie. These, fairly rare, behind the scenes promo are from the beginning stages of making the film. The flick named ‘Redline’ was about to come out in 2001 and nobody had the slightest clue that this thing would become of of the biggest film franchises of all time.

Filming Redline – the original Fast and Furious

Check out the video below that features not-so-buffed Vin Diesel and a super young Paul Walker discussing the sequences. We couldn’t imagine what it would be like if they decided not to switch up the branding. We wouldn’t even reach a second movie!