HEMISFEAR – Foose Design vehicle presented at SEMA 2013!

Foose designFoose Design

Chip Foose HEMISFEAR, also called The Foose Coupe is the design that made Chip famous. It’s part Supercar, part Muscle Car and part Hot Rod and it’s powered by a Chrysler Hemi. These are Mopar Performance 392 Hemi engines.

In 1990, during his senior year at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Chip and his colleagues were assigned a Chrysler-sponsored graduation project. Their task was designing a vehicle for a niche market. It took them full 16 years for this vehicle to make it from original concept to working vehicle.

HEMISFEAR – Foose design vehicle presented at SEMA 2013!

Only five of these were built and sold. At what price, you might ask? Astounding 298,000$!!!

Check out this crazy ride!!!