Ford F150 Off Road -Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s “Ultimate Funhaver” is wild!

Ford F150 Off RoadFord F150 Off Road – that’s the vehicle that Vaughn Gitting JR. adores. Now, we can see why.

Drift cars are exciting, however, when you put them on a dirt course they usually tend to show their limitations. That’s why Vaughn Gittin JR. aimed for a vehicle that will be fun both on track and the dirt. He started off by taking the 2015 Ford F-150 as a base element.Then, he developed a plan that will fit into reality and blend with his imagination. When turned out exactly as it should, his Ford F150 Off Road. The “Ultimate Funhaver” truck that he is going to take anywhere. Why? Well, one of the reasons is that it can actually go anywhere. You are not stuck on the road only with the  Ford F150 Off Road. The tuck has some really off-the-shell parts, as well as custom ones and it is just as it was imagined- an on- and off-road beast. Therefor, it’s not that difficult for anyone to pull off the madness that the Ford F150 off road provides, right?

It seems much more difficult, though.

Ford F150 Off Road -Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s “Ultimate Funhaver” is wild!

The “Ultimate Funhaver” does have a low-ground stance meant for the track. However, it also features AirLift airbag suspension that makes it ready to play in the dirt. Driving wildly solo may be fun, but,  who really wants to ride alone? That’s one of the reasons the Ford F150 Off Road features 5 Recaro race seats. That’s enough space to bring all your friends for a ride along.

The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 is mostly stock, with Magnaflow custom exhaust. In addition, it features Revolution Automotive custom tune, and K&N intake. Nevertheless, you have to see it in action- this is what the Ford 150 Off road is all about: