New Ford Police Interceptor ballistic testing!

Ford Police InterceptorThe New Ford Police Interceptor comes with ballistic panels that protect against armor-piercing rifle ammunition!! Offered on both the sedan and SUV, these panels have a Type IV ballistic protection. Ford says these are the first pursuit-rated police vehicles in the country to offer this level of protection.

Even though the number of shootouts between police and criminals using this kind of ammunition is low, they are unfortunately becoming more common. The Type IV panels are an additional option above and beyond existing ballistic panel protection offered by Ford.

The new Ford Police Interceptor!

The ballistic panels are already on duty in agencies around the United States and are rated to protect against all handgun and non-armor piercing bullets up to 30 caliber. There are also optional ballistic panels that are in addition to a long list of existing features aimed at protecting officers. For example, the Ford Police Interceptor safety cell construction which is there to aid structural integrity.

In addition to the bulletproof panels, advanced safety technology helps to absorb the energy of the collision in the event of a crash! This technology can direct the impact forces away from the occupants. Innovative materials – such as aluminum, advanced plastics and boron steel – also contribute to vehicle strength. This is such an improvement! Not only it is bulletproof, but it can also protect in case of a crash! Check out the new Ford Police Interceptor!!