Ford Super Chief F 250, daring and energetic!!!

Ford Super ChiefFord Super Chief!

The 2015 Ford F 250 Super Chief, is daring, energetic and eco-friendly! Ford definitely has a hands-down winner in the burgeoning race between raw power and eco-friendliness. This 2015 Ford F250 concept truck has a tri-flex engine, which means that this beast can run on hydrogen, gasoline and E85 ethanol. Yes, two of those fuels are not yet available for the customers but we have to say – the manufacturer is well ahead of the curve.

Ford Super Chief

Ford Super Chief F 250, daring and energetic!!!

The Ford Super Chief, when using hydrogen only can go up to 500 miles between fill-ups and at the same time, this Ford truck is the most powerful available pickup truck there is. Could hydrogen-fueled vehicles be the end of the oil industry? The one thing that you’ll definitely fall in love with is under the Ford Super Chief hood – the supercharged 6.8-liter V10 SOHC 30-valve engine is capable of delivering 415 HP at 3,250 RPM. You can’t say no to that! And if you want to buy one of these, make sure you have around $60.000 at your disposal! Check it out!