Ford XR6 turbo makes for a noisy, smokey and notorious run

Ford XR6Ford XR6 is a car that makes quite a fuzz. The Ford XR6 Falcon, especially the 2016 model, is a car that shows a lot of promise. Sportier suspension, Brembo brakes, asymmetric Pirelli P-Zero front and rear tires and an upgraded suspension – it’s a nice Ford XR6.

However, the Ford XR6 Sprint is not just the final model – it’s also the most powerful 6-cylinder production car even produced by this company. Surely, there are a lot of reasons to get excited about it. We expected it to be the best Ford XR6 ever, and Ford lived up to these expectations.

When it comes to the production car, under the hood you’ll find the 4.0-liter turbo engine. Nevertheless, the Ford Falcon XR6 turbo that we’re checking out today is a bit different. The Barra 4L engine is there but, it is mated with a  Dyno-Mite Performance’s ‘Quick-60’ shocks. In addition, it features a Borg Warner turbocharger and a T400 by Preston Automatics. Yes, this is not a regular XR6; this one is made to rule the drag strip.

Ford XR6 turbo makes for a noisy, smokey and notorious run

Ford XR6This particular full-weight Ford uses the factory IRS rear end and a M&H radial tire. The AMS1000 boost controller and the E85 fuel system just add up to its performance and its dangerous roars.

When the Ford XR6 shows up on the drag strip, we can see that the guys at DYNO-MITE Performance focused on the performance only. There are no visible upgrades made on the exterior or the interior for that matter. Though, we didn’t really expect anything else for a car that’s made to run the drag.

The guy that’s sitting behind the wheel is Brian and this amazing run with his Ford XR6 is his personal best pass. At Calder Park,he revved the engine, did a small doughnut and did what he could do best with this machine. Thus, this Ford hit 1.33 second 60-ft time.

The unfortunate part is that the car broke its rear diff hat on this pass. After it, the Ford could no longer go for another run. Check out the action!