Francesco Conti tests his beastly 1000HP Nissan S13!

Francesco ContiFrancesco Conti

Here is a 1000hp Nissan S13 that’s ready to show what it’s made of on the track. The VR38DETT that was taken from a Nissan GT-R R35’s engine puts out 1000HP and that should probably tell you that we’re talking about a powerful ride here. Yes, we’ve seen rides that have more ponies running however, this S13 was made to be unique in its own way and that’s why seeing it going sideways and doing burnouts is a real pleasure. And let’s no talk about the sound of the engine- it’s addictive!

Francesco Conti

The Nissan belongs to Francesco Conti, an Italian drifter who gets behind the wheel of this thing for the first time. As we previously mentioned the car is able to produce up to 1000HP under 1,5 bar but for this first test it has been reduced to 0,9 bar and that means that it gives out approximately 650HP. We know that Francesco has planned ever bigger things for his ride and we can’t wait to see more of it.