“Francisco”, the ship that can travel at speeds of up to 58 knots or 66.4 mph!

The world’s fastest ship Francisco goes over 59 000HP!!

Just because ships are a little bulky doesn’t mean that they are slow! The ship Francisco can travel at speeds of up to 58 knots or 107 km per hour! Or 66.4 mph! It is 324 ft. long and can carry 1000 people as well as 150 cars! The ship is also very economical- it runs on two fuels!

Built at Incat’s shipyards in Hobart, Tasmania, this is the world’s fastest ship. Its new owner, Buquebus Ferries, has named it ‘Francisco’ in honour of Argentinean-born Pope Francis. This ship uses BOEING 747 engines  that produce around 59000 HP!!! We bet everyone who participated in the production of this thing are proud of the result. It is absolutely stunning!

Check it out in the video below!