Front engine dragsters at Nostalgia drag races, Route 66 Classic!

American drag racing....way of living or just adrenaline rush Altereds vs FEG’s!

A tribute to all things vintage, the D’Arcy Buick GMC Route 66 Classic is the ultimate good old days event, paying homage to the early drag racing and hot rod culture. From Nostalgia Funny Car racing down the drag strip, to the classic cars on display in the Show ‘n Shine – the Route 66 Classic is a quarter-mile blast down memory lane. This is a video of the Nostalgia drag races on the Route 66 Classic, specifically front engine dragsters!

As a part of the FED’s and Altereds category, Front engine dragsters are very interesting for the spectators as well as the participants. They have length from 150 to 225 in wheelbase. The engines of these cars are located in the car’s frame in front of the driver. They don’t use suspension, therefore they are unstable at speed. But that doesn’t make them less fun to watch! Check it out!