Funny car in the snow! – Cool or Not?!?

Funny car in the snowFunny car in the snow! It seems like this funny car made a wrong turn on its way to the drag strip.  If you have ever wondered what will happen if you put a race car on ice and snow, you’re about to find out. We suppose that you already know the outcome but this is just a friendly reminder.

Funny car in the snow!

There are cars that are made for the winter and they are usually 4-wheel drive with high ground clearance and of course, chunky snow tires. However, funny cars definitely don’t fall in this category and here in the video you’ll see why funny cars shouldn’t be anywhere else but in a garage, all winter. In Norway, a country known for getting snowy and cold, a funny car driver decided to take his car out on the terrible roads. He can barely make his ride moving as his car is sliding and slipping on the road, even without giving it gas. Trying to race on a surface like this one? We don’t think so. Check out the video to see this thing struggling to get down the slippery road. Someone bring a trailer!