Furious road rage driver tries to ram into a biker!

Furious road rage driverFurious road rage driver repeatedly tried to ram into biker Rone Gonzales who decided to upload the video on YouTube.

The dangerous saga, according to the 23-year old mechanic, unfolded as he was heading to work in Homestead. Supposedly, he was riding between two lanes of stopped cars at a red light when he set off the driver of the red Ford Fusion sedan. In the next 5 minutes, Rone’s life can said to have been in serious danger.

Furious road rage driver tries to ram into a biker!

When the light turned green, both the Ford driver and Rone sped off. When the car cut the biker off, they started racing at a terrifying speed. Then, at the next stop light, before the motorcyclist zoomed off, he smacked the Ford’s mirror – a mistake that he regrets for. Gonzales told the TV station that he doesn’t know why he did it and that it was a really stupid thing to do.

After smacking that mirror, he raced away but, the furious road rage driver followed him closely, swiping close to him several times. The motorcyclists, obviously desperate, eventually started to drive in the wrong lane just to get away from the rage-filled driver. He probably zips past at least 5 cars that were driving in the correct direction, as seen in the video, and even comes inches away from one pickup truck.

What’s even more shocking about this road rage is that the biker got spit on when the Ford driver managed to caught back up to the biker – all that while still driving at high speed. Furious road rage driver video below!