Fury drift battle : Danny George vs. Sasquatches!

Fury drift battleFury drift battle is on !

Sasquatches and Motorsports. You immediately think of one when the other one is mentioned. Sasquatch is not only real, he can drift and this time, he is going after Danny George. However, the question here is: who is Danny George? Well, he is the hero on a quest to compete at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Fury drift battle – always fun with a drifting Sasquatch

Danny isn’t afraid of the dangers of the mountain but, during a run up the mountain he catches a glimpse of two monsters. Now, that starts to mess with his head and while other competitors think he is insane, he bravely focuses on the task at hand and puts everything else at the back of his mind.


He sets off but, his nemesis also spring into action with their drift prepped 240SX Coupe. The Sasquatches slide their way to Danny George and disable his V8 Miata with a large stick. They run him down and take Danny into the woods. Check it out!