Gas Powered Drift Trike – A powerful, notorious-looking 3-wheeler!

Gas Powered Drift TrikeGas Powered Drift Trike is a 3-wheeler that will make you fall in love instantly. How many times have you seen a gas-powered drift trike? Not many, I believe. Moreover, I haven’t really seen a drift trike that features such a design. Its inventors say that this might be the coolest-looking gas powered drift trike that’s on the market and they might be right. Nevertheless, that’s up to you to decide.

This gas powered drift trike is actually known as the Dirty Daddy gas powered drift trike. It sounds as it is and the people responsible for its existence are the TDC. They have been meaning to built something like this for a long time. However, they needed to work with someone else to achieve what they have put on paper. The people they desperately needed turned out to be the Dirty South Drifters.

Gas Powered Drift Trike – A powerful, notorious-looking 3-wheeler!

Gas Powered Drift TrikeThe gas powered drift trike is a bit bigger that a usual trike. The good think is that you don’t have to worry about weight limits with it. In addition, this is a build that has been thoroughly thought through. It features everything and anything that one drift trike needs. From speed to safety and coloring choice – it has everything. When we’re at speed we might as well mention that its top speed is around 45 mph.
As I already mentioned the gas powered drift trike is available on the market. Here is what you get if you purchase it:

  • 1-1/4″ axle components
  • Mandrel bent one piece chassis
  • Custom made rigid fork
  • MTB handlebars, Stem, grips, cable and lever
  • super wide go-kart wheels
  • PVC and live axle hubs
  • Padded tractor pan seat
  • Custom chain guard
  • Frame mounted pegs (foot rests)
  • stretched tires
  • Chain and sprocket
  • Thumb Throttle and cable
  • clutch coupled with a 56t Drive sprocket

10hp Horizontal shaft gas-powered engine with a centrifugal clutch

Check it out!