Girl drifting at its finest! Funny prank by Leona Chin!!

girl driftingGirl drifting at its finest! Funny prank by Leona Chin and Maxman TV! We’ve seen other videos of Leona Chin and Maxman TV like this one here. But this time she is posing as a sales representative and she’s making a presentation for the new Mitsubishi Triton VGT pickup truck! Imagine you go to the auto salon and you are trying to find the ideal pickup truck and Leona Chin is there! She is a professional Malaysian motorsport athlete and the unsuspecting customers have no idea what’s about to happen to them!

Girl drifting at its finest! Funny prank by Leona Chin and Maxman TV!

Mitsubishi Motors wanted to “treat” their potential customers to a really unique test drive experience! What better way to do that than girl drifting? Under the hood this pickup truck is packing 2.5-liter 4-cylinder DI-D common rail turbocharged intercooler with 136HP. Yeah, the first thing that will come up on your mind would be that you cannot do a damn stunt with this vehicle. But if this girl drifting won’t change your mind, I don’t know what would! Just look at the video and see the reactions of the people who took the test drive! Hilarious! Some of the guys in the video really scream their lungs out!

Leona’s relationship with fast cars began at the age of 16, when she met a group of people who were car enthusiasts. Leona credits them as the catalysts for her current passion. “They influenced and inspired me to develop an interest in cars. They taught me the specifics of cars, everything I needed to know about engines and engine performance, and other technical features of cars. But more than that, they also taught me how to drive”! Well, good luck in the future, Leona. In meantime, check out this awesome girl drifting prank to have a nice laugh!! 😀