GMC Typhoon makes an amazing 10-second run at the drag strip!

GMC TyphoonGMC Typhoon is a 90s mid-size SUV that doesn’t really require and introduction. It’s just a pickup truck that has a twin brother, the Syclone, and they have both developed a strong following. The reason behind their popularity in the world of trucks is simple. The GMC Typhoon has a 4.3-liter turbocharged V6 under the hood and an all wheel drive system. The Syclone has the exact same powertrain.

Now, that particular powertrain has won the hearts of many, especially when someone takes it on the dragstrip. The GMC Typhoon is one of those pickups that has made many change their mind about the appearance. The GMC Typhoon is huge and even though you may think that it wouldn’t do much, it excels in such races.

GMC Typhoon makes an amazing 10-second run at the drag strip!

GMC TyphoonWell, imagine what the Typhoon could do if someone was to upgrade it. The all wheel drive system that this machine has just adds up to everything it can achieve. For example, there is this drag race that shows how the Typhoon leaves its opponent in the dust. There is no way this Typhoon will end up losing it and that’s exactly what you’re about to see.

Behind the wheel of the monstrous Typhoon is Matt Gero and he manages to hit 10.70 @ 126mph. Of course, if you’re not entirely convinced that the GMC Typhoon can do that, Matt is doing the exact same thing again. It’s just to show you the massive amount of torque that this thing puts to the pavement. So, how fast is theTyphoon? Well, pretty fast. Check it out!