Going back to the future: Autonomous DeLorean in a drifting action doing some killer donuts!


Stanford’s team of engineers took the iconic DeLorean and made it a self-driving ride. But while this DeLorean may take us back to the future the fact that it was built 40 years ago is undeniable. So, after buying it the guys at Revs Center along with the Stanford research team were welcomed with few challenges. This kind of car is not really meant to be wild so they were bound to make some improvements in order to reach their aim.

Contrary to what you may think when hearing that a DeLorean is being modified, their intention wasn’t building a nice robo-car that cruises the open highway. This well-put DeLorean likes to drifts and it’s actually really good at it! Now, I know that burning rubber is the last thing that an autonomous vehicle is supposed to do but, that’s the catch. These folks are trying to convey a message above anything else; self-driving vehicles should be able to perform many maneuvers, even drifting, despite their inability to leave flaming skid marks. So, this vehicle is a true mixture of old classic and modern technological abilites and in a nod to “Back to the Future” the Revs Center and the folks at Stanford decided to name this ride MARTY (Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control).  Up for some hooning?!