Green Onion custom bike – World’s most unusual bike!

Green Onion custom bikeGreen Onion custom bike – a bike that’s unlike anything else that we’ve seen before.
Nowadays, people enjoy customizing their own machines. From swapping engines to completely re-designing vehicles and making Frankenstein on their own from all sorts of parts that what we usually witness today. Whether it’s in the world of cars of bikes, it really doesn’t matter because this is an age that is probably quite an innovative one maybe due to the information, tools and parts that we have access to now, more than ever.

Green Onion custom bike – World’s most unusual bike

Thus, the Green Onion custom show bike is one of those creatures that I was talking about. Now, you can’t say that you won’t bring attention to yourself if you went out on the streets with this thing.¬†Green Onion custom bike video below!