Fast GSXR 1000 and an almighty rider: An impossible duo to catch!

GSXR 1000Fast GSXR 1000 – fast, indeed.

Most police chases are long, dangerous and stressful to watch and while this one has all those’qualities’ it is somewhat particularly different from the others. First thing first, most drivers and riders that are being chased down by the police are pretty skilled and know what they’re doing, however, you can’t help but think, while watching something like that, when and if he’s not going to make the right call making the end of the chase even more terrible than it already is. Yes, all those things can happen to anyone but, apparently, the chances are way too small for something like that to happen to this guy that you’ll see in the video below.

Fast GSXR 1000 and an almighty rider: An impossible duo to catch

The Suzuki GSXR 1000 Motorcycle is not a bike that you’ll want to mess around with. It has power, perfect weight and a 999cc four cylinder GSXR 1000 engine. Yes, we believe that you may have heard of something that’s even better but, bear in mind that this machine, at the time of its production, was the most high-performance sports bike and, most importantly, the lightest that you’ll get a chance to see on the road. Driving it on a public highway with GSXR 1000  is more that a top notch hazardous situation. Luckily (or not), this one-hell-of-a biker manages to maneuver the thing perfectly and he did avoid all the disaster that could have happened if he lost concentration for only 1 second. Suzuki GSXR 1000 vs Police helicopter video below!