GSXR Chopper With Dual Exhaust System & Amazing Sound!

GSXR ChopperGSXR Chopper is one of those motorcycle that you’ll start to love immediately.

Seeing a GSXR Chopper on the road is not that of a rarity. However, a GSXR Chopper is the kind of a bike that you’ll probably find as worthy of putting some effort in. I mean, of course getting your hands on a chopper kit is not really difficult. Nevertheless, for those who truly want to make a motorcycle that’s going to satisfy every single sense that you’ve got, the GSXR is a pretty good choice.

Well, take this guy for example. At first glance, you may notice the black and white paint all over the place. In addition, you’ll probably get distracted by the red and yellow letter on it. Of course, this is me referring only to the design. But, what you need to do here is give this GSXR Chopper a change.

GSXR Chopper With Dual Exhaust System & Amazing Sound!

What I really find absolutely amazing is split seat on this thing. The owner didn’t want the seat of the GSXR Chopper to cut the line on the flame-like line. Instead, he just split the seat in two halves!

Though, the design of the GSXR is only the beginning. This thing features a dual exhaust system. That’s right. Needless to say, the GSXR Chopper is capable of producing smoke. Not that we haven’t seen any but less so when it comes to such 2-wheelers.

Naturally, with great exhaust come some notorious roars. But, why ruining it for you and telling you about the sound of the GSXR here. Check out the video and see for yourself how awesome this thing actually is. After all, the owner is probably pretty ecstatic about it so let’s try and appreciate his effort. The built is extremely good!