GTR Wagon spotted – It’s a cool, mean-looking piece of machinery!

GTR WagonGTR Wagon ? Well, when I first saw it, I was feeling ecstatic. Surely, a person who can’t wait to see that wagon hitting the streets is starting to think of all the ways to line up the financing so he could buy it for himself. But before you do anything like that, try to take everything into consideration.

GTR Wagon spotted – What is this thing all about?

GTR WagonUnfortunately, this in not the real deal. Nissan still hasn’t made a GTR Wagon; however, it doesn’t mean this car isn’t worth it. This is actually an artful conversion of the automaker’s M35 series Stagea wagon. Though, that didn’t stop enthusiast to call the now-dead Stagea, a GTR Wagon.

The thing that made all of us realize that this is not exactly what we have been hoping for is the interior. That’s definitely not the inside of a GTR. But, be that as it may, this car is still super cool. Check it out and see if you like it!