The funniest Gymkhana parody we’ve ever seen – Gympkhana!

gymkhana parodyThe funniest Gymkhana parody we’ve ever seen – Gympkhana! Gymkhana is a symbol for autocross and it’s worth the attention it gets each year because of the amazing cars and driving skills of the participants. Whereas for the ordinary autocross events around the globe only the round time is measured, when it comes to Gymkhana there are different rules. Every car and driver have to be powerful and skilled to perform 180 and 360 degrees spins, 8s, parking boxes and other advanced skills.

The funniest Gymkhana parody we’ve ever seen – Gympkhana!

The nicely edited videos are an inspiration for the funniest Gymkhana parody you’ve ever seen. The Gymkhana car here is Honda Civic from 1987, or Scion, as you wish. 1987! 🙂 You can guess how it’s going down right? But this is not an ordinary 1987 Civic, it is a 4 wheel drive beast with intake and exhaust! 🙂 This beast screams badly and breaks chains at the beginning of this hilarious video!

In order for the parody to be even more exaggerated, the main driver acts like an irresponsible teenage driver. He is texting all the time on his iPhone while the car is cruising the roads. There is also helicopter support with camera to catch all exciting moments of the round. The key challenge of this video is that our pro driver performs some amazing drifts on the parking lot where a man is exercising. Which of course is not a big deal for a 1987 Honda Civic 4wd!! 😀

Even more amusing is the duel between the Honda Civic and the RC Toyota Supra! We guarantee you that you will laugh till tears. There is also another funny situation where the driver of the Scion comes head to head with a brand new Corvette. But we cannot reveal all. You have to watch the video and see for yourselves!