Haha! Funny things Honda Civic Owners say about their cars!


Do you know any Civic owner personally? If you do, now you have something epically great to annoy them with and if you don’t, then that’s probably because you own a Ford Mustang. At least that’s one of the messages that the video is conveying! In this great parody, the YouTuber Muscle Vs Tuner looks like the typical dude who skips classes in high school to get on the street with his ride and really gets in character. You’ll see!

The most epic thing about this video, despite the funny comments, is that it actually takes you a several moments before realizing that it’s a parody, except if you have watched any of these kinds of videos. It’s that spot on! Anyway, check out the video and see how much truth it has in it- it will make you watch it all day long!