Hakone Turnpike amazing drifting and sliding video performance!

Hakone TurnpikeHakone Turnpike is no “stranger” to the world. It is one of the most famous courses in the drifting world and in general that’s full with tricky turns. I, personally, love any type of action that can be seen there as the road itself makes the driver to go to another level. Until now, we’ve seen many cool solo drifting on it but now, it’s time to see what it’s like when two cars are part of the scenario.

What happens on Hakone Turnpike.. doesn’t stay in Hakone Turnpike!

This time, we see a Toyota GT86 and a Nissan GT-R drifting up the mountain in Japan. Extreme sideways can be seen throughout the whole video as Masata Kawabata in the Nissan and Ken Gushi in the Toyota go for the “win”.┬áHakone Turnpike 2 videos below!

Amazing right? But, those rides are not the only ones that have hit the craziest course. Now, it’s time to see even more action with many various cars!